Patagonia in Autumn

This shot is one of my favorite I’ve ever taken in Patagonia, Argentina. It did involve some hiking, but the hike wasn’t horribly bad and/or long. This particular spot was just shy of 7 miles to hike to, however, only about 1.5 miles was steep/up the hill. So not that bad considering I’ve camped up there and rested well enough to go back to my hotel the next day. A 14 miles hike one day would’ve been very exhausting.

I was actually planning on shooting lakes around the Fitz Roy mountain, but weather didn’t cooperate so during a moment of clearing in the sky I’ve captured this image instead. There’s a bit of glacier visible in the center of the image, which I particularly like. A fall colors complemented by small amount of blue/white ice that just happened to be the brightest spot in the image is great addition to the composition, IMO.

In 2020 I’ll hike up to this glacier and walk on it or mountains around it. It’ll certainly give me a unique shot of the Fitz Roy peak with the glacier in the foreground used as a composition element. Perhaps I’ll find an ice cave or small crevasse?