All my images are printed on a world class quality, true photographic silver halide processed in RA-4 chemistry paper (it retains colors for over 100 years before any noticeable changes occur). They are all available as just prints, and prints mounted on disbond surface ready for framing. If you are interested in acrylic face mount along with dibond mount prints please send me an email and I’ll reply to you with a quote for the size you’d like your print at. Please note that acrylic face prints delivery wait time is between 2 to 3 weeks. Shipping prices vary depending on location. For larger sizes or Metal Prints please CONTACT ME.

                                        Print alone:                                     Print mounted on dibond (recommended) 
11” x 16” for $149                                          11” x 16” for $349
16” x 24″ for $249                                          16” x 24″ for $449
24” x 36″ for $449                                         24” x 36″ for $649
28” x 42″ for $549                                          28” x 42″ for $749

Here are a couple of examples in a contemporary living room…

If you have any questions about my prints please CONTACT ME.